How to upgrade the Ranch in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

Home sweet home.

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The Monster Rancher franchise is all about training your monster and participating in monthly tourneys to rise in the ranks, and that’s no exception in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX. To help you get there, you’ll be offered upgrades to your Ranch. The upgrades and how much they cost vary between the two games.

Upgrading in Monster Rancher 1

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In Monster Rancher 1, you can upgrade two things: your barn and your house. We were able to get the option for both after reaching Rank 2. The first upgrade to your house will be 2,000G, while the barn will 2,500G. You easily get this amount by doing tournament battles.

Eventually, you will be able to upgrade your house and the barn one last time. The last house upgrade will cost 8,000G, while the final monster hut upgrade is 12,000G.

Expanding the barn and house comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Letting you raise bigger monsters on your ranch.
  • Giving you more storage to hold more items.
  • Positively impacting your monster’s health.

So, we highly recommend upgrading both buildings as soon as possible.

Upgrading in Monster Rancher 2

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In Monster Rancher 2, you can upgrade three buildings: the stable, your house, and the altar. Some of these come with conditions that you need to fulfill before unlocking the option to upgrade them. It’s important to note that Colt will only ask you about upgrading on the 4th week of May, meaning you’ll have to be there on the ranch on that week. So, don’t do any tasks that take longer than a week, or else you’ll miss out on the event have to wait until the next year to upgrade.

Stable upgrades

Much like upgrading the monster’s hut in the first game, this will unlock the ability to generate and raise big monsters like Golem. These monsters, although slow compared to much tinier breeds, are incredibly powerful, so they’re definitely worth your time.

15,000GGet Breeder Rank 4
30,000GBeat one of the Major 4 battles

House upgrades

Once again, just like the previous game, upgrading your house means you can carry more items. Items are nice when you want to get closer to your monster and lower their fatigue.

5,000GGet Breeder Rank 3
8,000GGet Breeder Rank 5
12,000GGet Breeder Rank 6
20,000GBeat your second Major 4 battle

Altar upgrades

Unlike the other two facilities, you don’t need to be a certain breeder rank or beat a Major 4. The Altar is where monsters can go visit deceased monsters’ graves. Upgrading the Altar is necessary to unlock Ghost.