How To Use Terminals In GTFO


When you first drop into GTFO, it can appear daunting — a vast underground sprawl filled with mysteries and monsters. Thankfully, there are terminals dotted around the level to help you out. Terminals will appear as a red kiosk with a screen, and you can interact with them by hold “E.” When you connect to the terminal, there’s a Root menu, and from there you can use various commands to find useful items in the level.

Terminal Commands


Clicking List causes the terminal to throw up a list of valuable items found throughout the level. These include keys to open doors, ammunition packs, medipacks, and other pieces of equipment you should grab.


Using the item code you find on the List command, type Query, followed by the item code, to find the exact location of the item. For example, if you need a specific key to open a door that had the code KEY_GREY_473, you can type QUERY_KEY_GREY_473, and the terminal tells you the exact location of the key.

This information allows you to search for the location on your map and head straight to the area, rather than searching blindly through the level, potentially running into a threat.

If you get to the zone that the item is in, you can also use the terminal command Ping, followed by the item code, to ping its location, making it easier to find.

You still need to explore the map to find the right zone. The terminal won’t do all the work for you. Make sure you move slowly and cautiously through the areas and try not to set off any alarms.