How to use the new Login Rewards feature in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Earn new perks, you can

Image via EA/Bioware

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Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to thrive with Game Update 6.2, due for release on December 9. This new patch includes a brand new feature known as Login Rewards. Similar to other MMORPGs, this gives you different prizes just for logging in daily.

Log in to your character, and pull open the new Login Rewards window. Daily rewards will feature Tech Fragments, Dyes, Companion Gifts, and Crafting Materials.

If you miss logging in for a certain day, The Old Republic will not penalize you and make you start from the beginning to accumulate your rewards. Any 28 days you log in will add up to a complete Reward Calendar, and afterward, will reset to a new calendar. Reward Calendars have three different themes: Strength in Allies, focused on Companions; United Efforts, emphasizing crafting, and Aggressive Negotiations, which contains many perks related to PvP content.

With an active subscription, you can increase your rewards with a Weekly Bonus Reward. You’ll gain this if you log in for four days in a given week.