How to use the Prayer Pot in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Say your prayers.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Prayer Pot in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is very useful, bestowing gifts and buffs upon your party before you go out exploring. It can be found right in the center of Mahana Village, and if you interact with it the Prayer Pot menu will appear.

You will have three different options, from Pray, to Offer Charm, and finally Tsukino’s Lunar Luck.


Praying allows you to say one prayer and invoke a blessing/buff on your party. You will start out knowing just one prayer, the Training Prayer that gives increased XP. More can be learned as you play through the game.

Offer Charm

Charms are items you will find in the world that can be offered to the Prayer Pot. Each charm will have some kind of effect denoted in the description of the charm. Charms can be found while exploring the world, defeating monsters, and opening chests.

Tsukino’s Lunar Luck

You can request Truskino to tell your fortune once a day, which can result in either an item or a potential buff for your party.

Level up the Prayer Pot

In the top left of the main Prayer Pot menu, you will notice that it has a level. As you offer more Charms, the Prayer Pot level will increase. The higher your Prayer Pot level, the more effective your prayers and charms become, so this is definitely worth doing.