How to use the Unstuck feature in Swords of Legends Online

Air-dash responsibly.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Wuxia-inspired games, like Swords of Legends Online, typically feature superhuman feats of acrobatics — jumping, air-dashing, and spinning around at high speeds while balancing or springboarding off of narrow objects. While this is incredibly satisfying to execute, it can also leads to instances of your character getting stuck in terrain or environmental objects. Here’s how to use the Unstuck feature in Swords of Legends Online.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Should you become stuck somewhere in the game, you can simply open the Escape menu and choose the “Unstuck” option. This option will kill your character, allowing you to choose to resurrect on the spot, or travel to the nearest Dragonstar shrine. Be aware that any penalties that come with death will occur — loss of buffs and having to travel back to the area you were in being among them.

The Unstuck feature can also be used as a way to quickly travel back to the nearest Dragonstar shrine if you do not wish to fly over long distances or don’t mind incurring the death penalty. It will not, however, allow you to fast travel between zones or out of dungeons or instances — you can only head to the closest shrine in the zone you’re in.