Is All Might good in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero?

The Symbol of Peace and Justice.

Image via Sony Pictures

All Might is the symbol of peace and justice in My Hero Academia. In the mobile game, My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, he’s a playable character that you can earn, power up, and give additional shards to make him even more powerful. Because he’s a rare character that you can only obtain in a few instances, he’s pretty strong, and he’s among one of the top characters to play in the game, ranking in on the higher end of our tier list.

All Might is a character that can aggressively chase after his opponents. He can cover ground pretty fast, similar to Midoriya. His attacks do quite a bit more AoE effects, making him difficult to escape and even harder to group up against. His basic attack can be transformed into three different versions of a powerful strike, giving him even more powerful hits and fueling his passive, Transferred Might.

The downside to All Might is he doesn’t have the best assist powers for other characters to use. With that being one of the largest downsides for this character, it’s not a bad thing. You primarily want to be playing as All Might to receive the most benefit from having him in your roster.

Another problem with this character is the way you’ll be earning him. All Might is available for everyone through his debut The Symbol of Peace is Coming event, but after that players will have to earn his shards through the Shard Shop, which is locked until you reach Resonance level five with any character in your roster. More dedicated players and those are who capable of gathering up enough shards will be able to earn All Might much easier.

Overall, All Might is an excellent character that can dominate a battlefield. His basic attack takes a bit of practice to hit properly, and when you properly learn how to perfect it you can fuel his passive power, making him even stronger as a battle continues. All of his powers make it difficult for an opponent to escape, making him ideal for PvP and PvE encounters.