Is CDKeys a safe and legit site for game codes? answered

CDKeys is owned by digital wholesaler Omnyex E-Commerce.

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Online marketplaces are extremely common and are a popular way to purchase gaming codes for a significant discount. And while most sites and the codes sold on them are perfectly valid, there does come the risk of buying a key that’s either been acquired through illegal means or simply doesn’t work.

CDKeys‘ domain has been around since the 2000s, though it took off as a game codes marketplace in 2013. The online marketplace sells game codes for PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox systems, as well as gift cards for Facebook, Amazon, iTunes, PSN, Xbox Live, and more. However, CDKeys do not sell keys for Windows, most likely due to Microsoft’s strict policy prohibiting the reselling of its products.

Is CDKeys legit?

CDKeys is owned by digital wholesaler Omnyex E-Commerce, located in Dubai, and currently one of the safest online marketplaces. Instead of using third-party sellers like most other game code sites, CDKeys sells keys that it has purchased itself in-bulk and scanned. And after each purchase, customer service ensures that the transaction was legitimate through phone verification with the buyer.

According to Trust Pilot, its average review score is 4.7 out of five, with an 88% excellent rating and only a 6% bad rating. That, combined with its much safer business model, ensure that any game key you purchase is acquired through wholly legal means. However, CDKeys states on its terms and conditions page that it offers no returns or refunds. Most transactions are positive, but in the case of the rare unresolved issue with customer service, it seems buyers will mostly be out of luck.

Overall it seems that CD Keys is both a safe and legitimate site to purchase codes from. However, if you’re worried about safety, make sure to use PayPal when purchasing for its buyer protection options.