Is Death Stranding Open World?

There’s a big world in Death Stranding. Players who want to proceed through the main story are going to find there are nearly 55 to 60 hours of gameplay waiting for them. That’s not including all of the side activities and wandering they can do if they want to enjoy the sights or go exploring. Because there’s a lot of things to do in the game, players are curious if the game is open world.

Is Death Stranding Open World?

The game holds itself back during the initial few episodes of the game. There are 14 episodes in total that players progress through those 55 to 60 hours of gameplay. The first few missions that happen in the game are all about introducing the beginning mechanics of the game and allowing players to feel out how delivery orders are going to work.

The game is not an entirely open world game, at first. Players are going to find they need to progress through the game until they reach episode 3. When players get to episode 3, they’re going to find the missions in new areas they visit and as they expand their radius with the chiral network.

So players who are expecting the game to have an open range immediately are going to find themselves disappointed. It takes a bit of time to get there, but players are encouraged to work their way through the game to get to episode 3 quickly. Doing so is going to expand the entire game world and open up a wide variety of new tools, additional mechanics, and introduce several more MULE camps. The MULEs are raiders who are preying on other porters exploring the world attempting to make deliveries. While the combat is limited, players can expect to get their hands dirty dealing with them.

If you’re hesitant about Death Stranding or are waiting for the distinct ‘click’ for everything to fall into place, you’re going to find it during episode 3. Players are going to have the chance to explore more and do more secondary missions and complete orders they want to do. Don’t run out on the game quite yet. Hideo Kojima’s delivery game has a significant amount of layers, and dismissing the title is a poor choice.