Is G2A a safe and legit site for game codes? answered

G2A was founded in 2010 in Poland.

Image via G2A

Online selling of game codes is a big business, with many websites flooding the market to meet the high demand. Most of these sites are safe to use, with the vast majority of transactions a positive experience for buyers. However, some sites are much riskier than others, as products could be acquired through illegal means. This means that buyers must take caution and thoroughly research these marketplaces before buying.

G2A was founded in 2010 in Poland, with its headquarters now located in Hong Kong. It’s mainly known for hosting third-party sellers that sell game keys, gift cards, and gaming service subscriptions. But unlike other game code sites, G2A doubles as a general marketplace very similar to eBay, in that it features other physical products such as consoles, accessories, and tabletop games.

While it is a legitimate site, its safety is on par with eBay since the average buyer’s experience largely depends on the third-party seller. On Trust Pilot, G2A has over 280,000 reviews with an average rating of 3.6 out of five. 80% of all ratings are excellent, with 8% of them being under the bad rating. So while its overall rating is among the lowest of the major websites, it’s still a more than acceptable score. On the plus side, the company addresses the vast majority of its negative reviews.

It’s easy to request a refund directly from the seller if there are any transaction issues. In the case of a fraudulent seller, you can file a claim with customer service, and they will assist you. Another way to protect yourself is purchasing through PayPal, as its buyer protection option refunds your money in case of fraud.

G2A is a legitimate and generally safe site to purchase a wide assortment of products, but it’s also up to the buyer to protect themselves due to no screening process involving third-party sellers.