Is the Indominus Rex in Jurassic World Evolution 2? Answered

Can you tame this impressively intelligent beast of science?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Indominus Rex was a lab-created dinosaur specifically bred to have some of the best genetics of several dinosaurs, featured in the original Jurassic World movie. In Jurassic World Evolution 2, you’ll have a chance to create a facility where you’ll be managing and taking care of several dinosaurs that need your help throughout the world. Can you find the Indominus Rex, and will you be able to contain it in Jurassic World Evolution 2?

We can confirm that you will be working with the various scientists in Jurassic World Evolution 2 to create the Indominus Rex and showcase it in your park. The way you go about unlocking this dinosaur is by working your way through the Chaos Theory mission, specifically the Jurassic World one. In this mode, you’ll be hosting the Jurassic World theme park and managing it. As you work your way through the missions, you’ll eventually have the opportunity to create and develop the Indominius Rex.

After you gain access to the dinosaur, you’ll add it to your database, which you can later use in the sandbox mode. Any dinosaur you’ve unlocked in your database is available in the sandbox mode, giving you the chance to manage a park without any restrictions whatsoever.