Is V Rising Coming To PlayStation 5?

Good news comes to the fans of V Rising as PlayStation announces the indie game will be arriving on the PS5.

V Rising

Image via Stunlock Studios

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The survival vampire indie game V Rising which took the internet by storm after its release in 2022 is now coming to PlayStation 5. The game has extended its reach from PC after a year in Early Access on Steam.

Players can create a vampire character, build a castle, fight bosses, and terrorize the local humans in V Rising. They can either take over by themselves or gather a group of friends to establish their dominance as a group – climbing from the bottom of the food chain back to the top to reclaim their place and remind the world why it should fear vampires.

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When Will V Rising Be Available on PlayStation 5 & How to Get it?

It was announced during the January 31, 2024 State of Play that V Rising will be coming to PlayStation 5 sometime in 2024. No specific date has been given yet, making us believe that the game will be available later in the year.

Because V Rising is still in early access, many are wondering if an announcement to release the game as 1.0 will happen before it reaches consoles. Many are also excited for controller support, which has been confirmed as the game is prepped for the new platforms. It has not been announced when the controller support will be available on PC, whether it will be available before or after the PS5 version is released.

There is no other information on whether there will be new content added with the PS5 release from either the official Twitter/X account or the official PlayStation Blog’s announcement for the game. The PS5 version of V Rising is not available for pre-order yet but players can keep an eye on the official Twitter/X account for upcoming information about its release.