July 26 Investigation guide – Persona 5 Strikers – gather rumors on Alice Hiiargi

Looking for clues.

Persona 5 Strikers

In Persona 5 Strikers, July 26 will start with the Phantom Thieves deciding what to do, eventually settling on the need to find out more about Alice and her victims. To start this section, speak with Futaba who will be standing just behind where you start.

She will be a little nervous about being out in public, so tell her she can just take care of the online portion to make her feel better. She will give you a Salty Papaya to say thank you. You can also speak with Yasuke who will off to the left, on the route toward Central Street.

When you get to Central Street you will need to find different people to talk to, and conversations to listen in on. Some of these are obvious, but some of them are less obvious so we will run through them in order.

  • On the right side of the street, you can see the Bronx Apparel shop that is selling Alice’s clothes collection. Walk right up to the door and examine it. Don’t worry about the crowd, you can walk right through them.
  • Just down the street from there you will find a Passionate Young Man that you can listen to. He is wearing a dark blue t-shirt and light pants and is easy enough to miss. You can see him in the image above.
  • A little further down the street on the right you will see a Passionate Young Woman in a striped t-shirt, speak with her as well.
  • Now, near the alley on the left side, you will see a Level-Headed Girl that you can talk to.
  • Go down that alley and talk with Ryuji outside the shop, then listen to the conversation the two male NPCs are having to hit 100% and finish up the investigation.

After that, you can automatically meet the rest of the group, or choose to look around some more and then follow the red exclamation point to meet up with them.