Killer Queen Black: How To Win With Military


BumbleBear Games’ multiplayer sensation Killer Queen Black is now available for Nintendo Switch and PC, with a release to come later on Xbox One. It’s a multiplayer favorite that’s been sweeping the nation with arcade releases, and now players get to see what it’s all about at home.

There are three ways to win this fun little game – Military, Economic, and Snail. For this guide, we’re going to take a look at the Military victory. Many action-based gamers are sure to enjoy this option more than the others. This victory condition means wiping out the enemy’s queen during a match. When she dies three times, the other team automatically scores a victory.

So what’s the best way for someone to wipe out a Queen? Well, there’s a particular strategy to that, so let’s break it down.

Taking Out the Queen

First off, you’ll need to realize that killing a Queen can be tricky business unless the opposing player doesn’t “get” how they’re supposed to work. The Queen can move quickly in a stage, and attack even quicker with dashing strikes. She can wipe out pretty much anyone on the opposing team, able to finish off Drones (the Queen’s assistants) without batting an eye. And she can also take out the rival Queen as well with a sword attack, which is why it helps to stay on the offensive.

But here’s the thing – the Queen isn’t the only one that can take out another Queen. There’s another strategy in which Drones can transform into Warriors. They can do this by using unique pods, which the Queen can claim. When the Queen activates these gates, the Drones can transform into either a Warrior or a Speed Drone when carrying a berry. By taking the Warrior route, they become armed. At this point, they can now take out the Queen using either melee or gun attacks, flying around with the same maneuverability as her.

It’s a risky business, however. As stated above, the Queen remains armed at all times and can swiftly take out enemies with a slash attack. If you want to try and take out the Queen, it’s best to attempt to do so from a distance while she’s distracted.

How To Win With the Queen

As far as scoring a victory with your Queen goes, it relies on two things – movement and aggression. By continuing to move around swiftly on a stage, you can pick off potential targets easy, like Drones attempting to ride a snail to victory (another way to win) or foraging for berries. Killing Drones won’t give you points, but it stops your opponent’s progress from winning the matches in other ways. Plus, they’re easy to pick off when they’re not Warriors.

The main target here, however, is the opposing player’s Queen. And they will put up a fight, particularly if the player handling them knows their way around Killer Queen. Your best bet is to watch their movement and wait for the time to strike to beat this character. But you’ll want to make sure you do not stand still while playing the Queen. It makes you easy pickings for a kill. By continuing to moving, you stand a lesser chance of them striking you – and you may find your moment to land the killer blow.

When someone lands a killing blow, and the Queen gets defeated, then you win the round. Do it two more times, and the game is yours.

This victory condition takes some time to master. The Queen is an action-based class and may not be for those that want to take a chance of being in the open and being the deciding factor of the game. But those that are willing to step into her role and accept her power may find it to be quite satisfying – and maybe even addictive, based on some die-hard Killer Queen fans.

Check out Killer Queen Black today for Nintendo Switch and PC. An Xbox One release date should be available soon.