The King of Kings – AC Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs Walkthrough

In the previous main quest Blood in the Water after taking to Tahemat, the next main quest unlocks The King of Kings. Once again talk back to Tahemat, this will further unlock two more quests A Pharaoh’s Shadow and A Pharoah’s Heart and Name. These two quests are necessary to complete first to continue to the main quest. In this, you will be facing the boss Ramesses the Great.

The King of Kings Walkthrough

The King of Kings Walkthrough

Finishing the two short quest will help you to progress further in the main quest where you will have to head towards a ritual. So completing them first is recommended.

A Pharaoh’s Heart and Name:

Find and Get the song scrolls written in Ramesses’ Name:

The King of Kings Walkthrough

If you pick this one to start, the first objective you have is to locate the song scrolls. Head towards the marker and you will reach an excavation site. Use the Eagle vision to mark down the soldiers in the area. If you ambush all of them will attack you, you can use bows and arrows to kill them one by one. The scrolls in a tent on the top of the hill. Inside you will find the scroll.

Find and Get Queen Tuya’s Canopic Jar Stopper:

Use a fast travel point to reach the nearest spot of your next objective. Locate the target, you will have to enter a temple. In the center, there is a hole in the ground that lead to treasure area. Go down, kill a few soldiers and the quest is over.

A Pharaoh’s Shadow:

Find and Defeat Ramesses’ Shadow:

Start with this next quest. It will take you to a location where you will fight with a Level 47 enemy. The enemy uses a heavy blunt weapon Keeper of Harmony. Watch out for its swing attack. You can see his weapons charges up and then it tries to attack with a swing. It can grab your leg and bang you hard on the ground, that one attack can eat more than 50% of your health. Use combo attacks and dodge away when he charges his weapons to attack. After finishing him continue with the main quest King of the Kings.

The King of Kings Walkthrough:

Reach the house of millions of years of Usermaatra-setepenra:

The King of Kings Walkthrough

You will have to go across the river to reach the next objective point. You will reach a bandit camp. Scan through the Eagle Vision and you will get the target location. There are many bandits in the location, instead of going from down, you can climb up on the rock pillars and avoid any alert. In the bandit camp, you will have to locate a treasure map. Try reaching near to the bandit and attack to get the map. Escape the place.

Bring the relics to the tomb of Ramesses the Great:

The King of Kings Walkthrough

You will have to travel further towards the mountainside. Travel to the other side and you will reach a tomb entrance. You will reach to a grave that will trigger a cutscene.

Follow Ramesses’ Wife:

Before crossing the afterlife you will have to fight with a few enemies in your path. Cross the cave and you will reach in a desert area Heb Sed. Talk to Ramesses’ Wife. After talking to her you will get two more quests to complete before you can return to the main quest. They are A Pharaoh’s Hemset and A Pharaoh’s Ka. Both are part of Release the Great Pharaoh’s Ka and Hemset.

A Pharaoh’s Hemset:

The King of Kings Walkthrough

In this quest, you will have to find and release the prisoners of war. You will get four markers around. Reach the marker and locate the prisoners using the Eagle Vision. So you can easily track them down. The place where you will reach will have lots of bandits. Raising alert is not a good idea here. Quietly go around and try using the sandstorm to hide. You will find a wooden cage, open it. In a similar way follow all the four markers and free the prisoners. This will complete the quest and you will get 5000XP.

A Pharaoh’s KA:

This one is a Level 50 main quest where you can make 5000XP. You will have to find and collect the Pharaoh’s Ka. Select the quest to begin. You will have to collect two eyes. Both located in different location. The on the left is Maryannu Camp. Use the eagle vision to locate the target. Both the items to collect are heavily guarded. The second will be found inside a cave. Gather it and the quest is over.

Place the relics in front of Ramesses the Great:

Once done get prepare for the boss fight of this level. Reach the marker and in a cutscene you will see your next target, Ramesses.

Defeat Ramesses the Great:

The King of Kings Walkthrough

Ramesses is a Level 52 boss, its powerful attack can draw out a huge chunk of your health pretty easily. If you are too near to the boss it can kick and hit with the heavy weapon. You have to learn to dodge that. Arrows do not work much on him. A sword and shield is a good weapon against the enemy. Wait for the boss to attack, dodge it and then use your combos against him. You will see his weapon glowing whenever he plans to charge attack. Try going on this backside and attack with a few combos. Try not letting him grab your feet, if this happens you will lose a big chunk of your health.

The Kings of King quest is over once you kill Ramesses. You can read our final walkthrough on the main quest The Curse of the Pharaohs. You can also refer to our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide for more updates.