Knockout City – Tips to play better on Galaxy Burger

The only thing on this menu here is dodgeball.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Galaxy Burger is undoubtedly one of the more unique restaurants you will come across. In the futuristic world of Knockout City, this food stop is on a large circular pattern with four varying shops scrambled around it. If you dread every time you see this come on the rotation, be sure to check below for some quick tips for success Galaxy Burger.

Take control of the center building

Screenshot by Gamepur

The circular building in the center of the stage is the named restaurant. You will notice that the entranceways surrounding it are revolving doors. If you and your teammates can get enough dodgeballs inside — there is only one in there — and defend that position, you will be in a good spot to win the round. The doors can cut off multiple enemies barging in at once, giving you a numbers advantage when you may need it.

High ground is your friend

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There is much more high ground available on Galaxy Burger than any other map at the launch of Knockout City. For starters, there are two floors to the restaurant section. On the inside, the high ground will help you secure the building, but the more significant impact is the high ground outside the Galaxy Burger building. These platforms outside rotate around the building along with the revolving doors. While up here, you have the most cover in the map while having a good angle for firing at enemies below.

Don’t spend too long near the shops outside

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Going hand-in-hand with the previous entries, you will want to avoid battling too close to the outside shop stands as much as possible. If you’re on the ground floor, you can be knocked into death pits in these stalls with no chance to recover. On top of them, there is little to no cover at all. If you are confident in your catching abilities, you should be fine, but you leave yourself open to being ganged up on by the enemy team In these areas.

Useful special balls

  • The Multi Ball is always one of the best special balls, regardless of the map.
  • The Moon Ball sees its best utilization on Galaxy Burger because of the verticality of the area.
  • The Cage Ball and Bomb Ball are both pretty decent on this map, depending on the circumstances. If playing inside, the Bomb Ball can be lethal for dealing damage to enemies. If outside, the Cage Ball is excellent for throwing enemies to their death.
  • The Sniper Ball is hit-and-miss at best on Galaxy Burger. If you are battling on top of the shops outside, it has some long-range use, but on ground level and inside the restaurant is not very beneficial for this special ball at all.