Link’s Awakening: All Fairy Bottle Locations


The Nintendo Switch remake of Link’s Awakening is finally here. And with it, some essential items. Fairy bottles are what they sound: bottles that house a fairy. Fairies cluster around Great Fairy springs, and you can capture them in these bottles. Upon use, they restore your health to full in a pinch.

This game mechanic is a staple in the Zelda games. Sneak up on an unsuspecting fairy, use the bottle, and now you have your max health potion in the form of a sad and angry captive. Perfect!

To do that, you’ll need fairy bottles first. IGN was the first to report the locations. There are three in the game, all locked behind tasks or even a dreaded minigame.

Fairy bottle locations:

The first is in Mabe Village. There’s a small pond with a fisherman by it. Speak with him and pay the small fee to start the minigame. IGN states you’ll need to throw the line as far as you can, eventually catching a bottle on the far left of the screen. It might take some time since you’ll need to drag it to you and fish bite your line in the process.

The second is after the Angler’s Tunnel. After some time in the town, a ghost starts following you. He asks you to take him to his house, after which, he’ll realize he can’t live in the town anymore. You’ll get tasked with taking him to his grave. He rewards you with a bottle once you complete this mission.

The third and final bottle is from Dampe. Tell Dampe about your adventures to unlock puzzles and sidequests for multiple rewards. When you complete the Health Storage puzzle, Dampe rewards you with the third fairy bottle.