Luigi’s Mansion 3: Can You Save Manually?


A new Luigi’s Mansion game has released today, appropriately on Halloween of all days in North America. Luigi’s Mansion 3 has Luigi, everyone’s second-favorite Mario brother, having to save all his friends from a haunted hotel. He must face against ghosts again and travel through each floor of the hotel. We particularly really like this latest entry in the Luigi’s Mansion sub-franchise, check our review to read more.

A big question that people have on the game is there way to save the game? Though the game has an autosave function, meaning the game will automatically save players’ progress at specific points of the game, people were wondering if they can manually save the game.

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Can You Save Manually?

The short question is that, at the moment, there does not appear to be any way to save the game manually. Autosaving is the only kind of saving that the game has, at least at the moment. There is no save options in the game menus. You can tell the autosave happens when the words “Saving,” in green text, can be seen on the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Generally, the game will autosave every time a player enters a new room, though it won’t work if the player rushes in too many rooms in a short period. There are also story checkpoints in the game, which function very similarly to normal autosave. Rather than a green “Saving,” checkpoints are yellow “Saving” on the bottom right corner of the text. Checkpoints are different save files that players can come back to if they want to redo a certain point in the game. This allows players to return to parts of the game that were before the most recent autosave.