Man of Medan: All possible endings


There are several endings to Man of Medan, some are good, some are bad, and one is just downright tragic! Of course, all the conclusions depend heavily upon what choices you made during the story and whether or not you nailed the quick-time events.

Man of Medan: All possible endings

Ending 1 – Everyone is alive, and the military gets slaughtered

Successfully keeping all of the characters alive and not having Conrad escape on the speedboat earlier in the game will result in one of the best endings. Completing all quick-time events will ensure the distribution cap is intact, meaning the group can leave the ship and sail to safety aboard the Duke of Milan. Even Junior survives the ordeal.

However, while the gang may survive, the military will arrive at the ship and be brutally murdered by Danny with a sledgehammer.

Ending 2 – Everyone is alive, and Conrad saves the day

First and foremost, Conrad must have successfully escaped on the speedboat, and the distributor cap needs to be destroyed.

When it seems like all hope is lost for the four remaining characters, Conrad shows up with the coastguard! He saves his friends as they all board the coast guards boat, leaving the ghost ship behind

The group is reunited and leave before the army shows up.

Ending 3 – Everyone survives, but Conrad has a terrible end

For this ending, Conrad must escape on the boat earlier in the game, and the distributor cap must remain intact. Brad, Alex, Julia, and Fliss will flee on the Duke of Milan, but Conrad still shows up to save the day.

Himself and the coast guard explore the freighter, Conrad is seemingly terrified from what he is seeing. Meaning he is hallucinating just as his friends did due to the gas and is left to a tragic fate aboard the ghost ship.

Ending 4 – All survive only to meet a tragic end still

If Conrad never escaped, the distributor cap got destroyed, the coordinates of the ship were not given to the military, and no contact was made with the outside world there will be no way for the survivors to escape.

Should Alex, Julia, and Conrad survive, they will opt to stay on the ship. While Brad and Fliss leave on the Duke of Milan believing they can catch a current to safety.

Fliss and Brad will perish aboard her boat in the middle of the pacific with no sign of help. Meanwhile, Julia will be seen hearing voices and acting afraid, only to be found by a menacing Alex, very similar to his doppelganger.

Ending 5 – prisoners of the military

To achieve ending, the military must be contacted but not have the ships name given to them, Conrad must still be with the group, and the distributor cap must be destroyed.

The military arrives utterly unaware of the ship they are docked with, meaning they will take the group into custody. The characters give interviews in a similar way to the epilogue in Until Dawn. The friends are imprisoned indefinitely.

Ending 6 – The most tragic ending of all – THE BENDS

Now then, most people will be aware of the bends, and how if Julia surfaced too early during the “dive,” she could very well have suffered from the deadly condition. If you don’t rise too early then good news, you will avoid the saddest ending the game has to offer. But if you didn’t decompress earlier, Julia’s fate has been sealed.

For the entire game, she is perfectly healthy. That is until the end; you may even forget about the bends all together until she is clutching her chest and coughing up blood. This will occur, be it on the Duke of Milan, with the coast guard or the military.

Alex will try to revive her as the group watches on; unfortunately, nothing can be done, and Julia meets a grisly end.

Ending 7 – Everyone dies to a military execution

The worst ending possible. If Conrad never escaped, you obtained the clues revealing the ships name, gave the name to military and the distributor cap was destroyed well you are destined for a horrific end.

The military will show up, being aware of what the ship is and the biochemical weapon that is on it they will do anything to keep it secret. So just as the group thinks they are safe, that they are leaving the ship, they are wrong.

Once the screen fades to black, a barrage of bullets can be heard, decimating the group.


Now, if you manage the impressive task of killing all five characters before the finale, the curator will ridicule you and have a good laughy at your expense. But you will be treated to a seriously weird post-credits scene.

Danny will be wandering the ship when he stumbles upon Olson’s sledgehammer, which is sitting in a corner. He will then find Olson in the same spot himself, and Fliss spotted a screaming corpse earlier in the game. Except this isn’t Olson, it’s cyclops Olson, and he is ready to terminate you!

That does it for the main endings. However, there are more unique character dialogues to unlock post-credits, depending upon who dies and who survives.