Mario Kart Tour – Can You Play With Friends?


With Mario Kart Tour having just launched, there are still a few features missing from its core. The main feature currently missing is the online multiplayer, where you can play alongside your friends.

Mario Kart Tour – Can You Play With Friends?

So, the short answer for if you can play with friends: no. And a slightly longer answer: not yet.

Mario Kart Tour currently only runs single player for their Tour Cup’s or their single-player practice rounds against AI enemies. This was the same back when the Beta had launched a few months back in May. And since its launch, it has been the same save for the inclusion of the Gold Pass subscription of $4.99 per month for exclusive rewards.

However, with a look at the main menu on the Mario Kart Tour, there is shown grayed out ‘multiplayer’ UI with the word ‘Inbound!’ across it, in the bottom right corner of the menu icons.

Mario Kart Tour Play With Friends

This implies that online multiplayer is on its way. There is no information on whether the Gold Pass will be the only way to be able to play the upcoming multiplayer options, or if it will be available for the entire public. Along with the online multiplayer, there is the possibility of PvP being added in, though it’s unclear as to what it might bring to the game or if it’s an addition to the multiplayer game mode.

As of currently, there is no set date or confirmed time for when multiplayer will be added as a basic feature. So soon you’ll be able to play with your friends online, just not yet.