Mario Kart Tour: How to Cause Opponents to Crash 10 Times during a Race Using a Driver with a Tie


There’s a new series of challenges in Mario Kart Tour with the introduction of the Halloween tour. These challenges are going to test you and get you out of your comfort zone to try and have you practice with other drives. Completing these challenges is going to yield a series of rewards. Here’s how you go about causing opponents to crash ten times in a single race using a driver with a tie.

Cause 10 Opponents to Crash Using a Driver with a Tie in a single race in Mario Kart Tour

Before we get to worrying about how to cause opponents to crash, you first need to pick your ideal driver. You’re looking for one that’s going to be wearing a tie, so they’re going to stand out amongst the other drivers. Here are the series of drivers you’re going to want to use to complete this challenge:

  • Donkey Kong
  • Mario (Musician)

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find too many drivers who are going to fit this challenge. It’s even worse for players who do not have access to Mario (Musician), one of the rarer and harder to locate drivers. Luckily, Donkey Kong is in the middle of a rarity to find, so a good majority of players should have access to him. Many players in Mario Kart Tour are likely going to be using him to complete this challenge.

The next thing to worry about is causing drivers to crash in the middle of a crash. What does crashing mean? You’ve likely done this before during one of your races. It’s when you hit an object or a wall and find yourself briefly stunned, unable to move. You’re going to need to use items you retrieve from the item box.

There are specific items you can do this during a race. These include:

  • Green Shells
  • Red Shells
  • Spiny Shells
  • Bowser’s Shell
  • Bob-omb’s
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Bullet Bill
  • Yoshi’s Egg

Hitting opponents with any of these items is going to cause them to crash. You’re going to want to slam into them hard and keep your aim true. Doing this ten times during a crash might be a little tricky, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you find a course where you’re getting a lot of item boxes. You’re going to want to pick one where Donkey Kong or Mario (Musician) has the most item boxes available. You can review those choices in their respective driver profile pages.

Good luck, Mario Kart Tour racers.