What Is Frenzy Mode In Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour is out today, and one of the systems you will need to get to grips with is Frenzy Mode. Frenzy Mode can mean the difference between winning and losing, so understanding it will be necessary.

What Is Frenzy Mode

Frenzy Mode will occur when you have three of the same item in your item slots. All three slots must be filled with the same item to activate Frenzy Mode. Frenzy Mode will start automatically when you get three of the same items. It will last for a short duration, making you invincible, and also giving you unlimited use of the item for a short period. It is incredibly powerful and can swing a close race in your favor.

How To Get Frenzy Mode

Not every driver can get Frenzy Mode on every track. All drivers have specific tracks that they can get the mode on. This is to encourage people to get as many drivers as they can.

For example, on the Dino Dino Jungle track in the Donkey Kong Cup, only Donkey Kong, and Bowzer can get Frenzy Mode, as they are the only drivers that can hold three items at a time on the track. This makes them the best drivers to use for races on this particular track.

All drivers have tracks that allow then to get three items, and as such get a chance at getting Frenzy Mode. To check which course is best for each driver, go into the Menu, then select Drivers. From there, you can click on any driver and scroll down to their Favored Courses. The courses that they can get Frenzy Mode on will be listed on the top.

You can also use tickets that you get as rewards from finishing different Cups, or you can purchase from the shop, to level up drivers and increase their chances of starting a Frenzy.