Mario Kart Tour – How To Complete The Take Out 3 Pipes Challenge


Mario Kart Tour has a badge challenge that asks you to take out three pipes. But how exactly do you do it? If you have found this one to be a little confusing, then we have you covered. And don’t worry, it took us a while to figure it out as well.

Mario Kart Tour – How To Complete The Take Out Three Pipes Challenge

To take on this challenge, you will want to do a Mario Circuit level, and make sure you play as a character who can use three items on that course. The green pipes that show up on these levels will your target. You want to sandbag the race a little, not play to win. Aim to be in 5th position, or worse, to increase the value of the items you get from the boxes.

You are looking to get Bowser Shells or Giant Mushrooms from the item boxes, and take out the pipes. You can do this by either throwing the Bowser Shell or just running them over if you get the giant mushroom.

This can all take a while to come together, so it is better to treat this particular challenge as a farm, and focus on doing it instead of trying to win the races.

It might take a little bit of time, and a few races, but you should be able to knock it out reasonably easy if you make sure you are in the back of the pack when you are picking up items.