Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Like Real Scientists Quest Guide

The penultimate mission of the game.

The Like Real Scientists mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales triggers the final part of the game, and it even warns you that you won’t be able to upgrade your gadgets and stuff beyond this point. As soon as the mission starts, you need to head to Oscorp Science Center to locate the Tinkerer.

As soon as you reach Oscorp Science Center, you will notice that there are many enemies nearby. Taking them is quite easy if you make ample use of camouflage and stealth takedowns. Going all out is not recommended since it can be a bit overwhelming. Make wise use of the camouflage ability, and you should easily be able to hop in and out of detection and take down the enemies.

Once the enemies are down, you need to disable the generators. There are a total of four generators you need to disable. The first generator is right near the entrance. Once you reach the generator, you will see that it is hidden beside a gate, and there is a relay nearby. This relay needs to be connected to the giant spinning structure in the center with relays on it. Use L1 + R1 to rotate it so that the relay is near the one near the generator. Use your webs to connect the relays, and the gate will open. Hold L1 and keep tapping Square to activate the generator.

The second generator is right beside the first one, and you need to follow the same steps as above to open the gate. Do note that you don’t need to rotate the giant spinning structure once again since it will be aligned this time around. Just connect the relays, and the gate should open. Disable the generators and then move on to the third one.

The third one is pretty similar as well, but the relay is hidden behind a few crates. Break the crates and then connect the two relays with your webs. Once the gate opens, disable the generator. For the last generator, you need to daisy chain relays. Right beside the relay near the generator, there will be another relay in the adjacent structure. First, you need to connect these two. Then you should connect the second relay to the giant spinning structure. Disable the final generator, and the entrance will open now.

Once you are inside the museum, keep heading inside until a cutscene triggers. This will trigger a flashback set-piece where you play as Miles during a Science exhibition. You just need to keep heading straight until you reach the reception of the exhibition. Interact with the person there, and she will mention that they are out of tickets. After the cutscene, head straight into the hallway, and you will see a door nearby. Go near it, and a short cutscene will play.

You need to find an object to slide underneath the door and a reflective object to point at the door’s terminal. Right in front of the doorway, you will see a booth with solar mirrors. You can use your Focus to highlight the mirrors. Interact with the mirrors, and the first part of this objective should be done.

For the second part, you need an object to slide under the door. Use your focus to highlight the other booth, which is at the other end of the hallway. There is a shape-memory alloy which you need to pick up. Move the analog stick left or right, and Miles will change its shape from his phone. Once you select the flat shape, Miles will pick it up.

Head back to the doorway, and a short cutscene will play where he will slide the object under the door. You need to change the shape of the object to a dome-shaped structure, as seen in the picture above. Once you select that shape, rotate it using the right analog stick to point it towards the door’s terminal. The door will then unlock, and you will proceed to the next part.

Head straight and interact with the lift to reach the building’s upper floor where the special exhibition is being held. Keep moving forward, and a short cutscene will Uncle Davis will play, after which you will gain control of Miles in the present-day once again.

Another cutscene with the Tinkerer will play, and she will take the Nuform with her. There will be a series of enemy fights after this, and it can be quite challenging, especially at higher difficulties. One of the hardest enemies to defeat are the ones with the shield and sword. Venom punches aren’t that effective on these enemies, so you need to rely on Venom dash.

You can build up your Venom energy by performing perfect dodges, which can be done by pressing the dodge button right when the Spider senses indicator turns red. This can give you a significant amount of Venom energy, which you can use to heal yourself and perform Venom abilities. If you get overwhelmed by enemies, don’t forget to use the Mega Venom attack or the Venom smash to quickly have the upper hand over your enemies. You can also try to build up your combos and execute a few finishers to take down difficult enemies faster.

Once you have defeated all the enemies, head out of the building to complete the mission, and start the next mission, The Battle for Harlem.