Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide: Which Is The Best Among These 14 Weapons

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Monster Hunter World comes with the variety of weapons and different play-style. The play style usually relies on the weapon you pick to fight the monsters. In this guide, we will be talking on those. Weapons are a crucial part of gameplay, a lot of things relies on them. Monster Hunter World gives you to choose from 14 different weapons and in this guide, you will find details on those different types of weapons. Among this 14 weapons by checking out the details below you can figure out which to pick from. The weapons are sorted into three sections, the first one is Light weapons, this is one good for novice players, the second is heavy ideal for intermediate players who know their moves very well and the final is technical weapons, which are unique but highly impactful if used properly.

Monster Hunter World Weapons List

Monster Hunter World All 14 Weapons And Their Details

Sword and Shield: LIGHT WEAPON

Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Swords and Shield fall under the Light Weapons category. Both are a light weapon and is best to start with. When you are new to the game it is good if you pick the Sword and Shield first and use it in battle. Don’t try going much near, maintain a distance, Sword & Shield can offer you a good balance between attack and defense. With the sword, you can plan your attack on the weak points of monsters and with the shield, you can defend yourself from incoming damage. With the shield, you can also kick the monsters if you can perform it in time with precision. With the help of this weapon you get enough time to understand monsters attack pattern, and with a few set of combos you can cause a decent damage.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Dual Blades are like having two swords in your hand, the best thing about these blades is the speed. It is lightning fast. The weapon strength can be further boosted by using Demon Mode. You can cause higher damage to the monster, but it will eat a big chunk of your stamina. Dual Blades are also amazing when it comes to aerial attack, you will have to learn this a bit. Don’t waste the Demon Mode, try to understand first the weapons attack pattern and once you are free with the controls you can unleash high damage on monsters.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

If you want range then Longsword must be on the top of your weapons list. It is good if you don’t like going much near to the monsters, with the weapon you can attack through a distance. Remember this cost a bit of speed. Once the weapons Spirit Gauge is full you can unleash some brutal attacks on the monsters. For the Spirit Gauge, you will have to spend energy that you will earn in the game. If you plan to use this weapon then always aim to fill your Spirit Gauge. The weapon can perform a triangle attack, and you can perform up to 4 triangle attacks repeatedly. If you use this frequently you will have re-position yourself really fast before the monster attacks you.

Light Bowgun: LIGHT WEAPON

Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Light Bowgun gives you a good range, high mobility, and agility. You can add explosives to the ground through this weapon causing complimentary damage. For firing explosive on the ground you will have to use special ammo in it. High mobility is one of the best features of this weapon, so if you are new or not much preparation you can try out this weapon in the battle. It will allow you to run around faster and also maintain a distance this weapon is mostly like a gun.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Once you are done with light weapons and you ace them then you can begin your first heavy weapon that is the Great Sword. This one is good to start with, it requires two hands to control this weapon. It is has a good length which means you can guard yourself against monster attack faster. Charged Attack is the best part of this weapon, once the bar is full, you can perform combos can bring any monster to the ground. A combination of Charged Attack + Shoulder Barge is one of the best things you can do with Great Sword. Remember the weapon is slow, but damage potential is high. You required skilled timing and space to get the most from it. Don’t expect this weapon to offer you a good defense.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Lance is more like a huge spear if you find Great Sword hard to use then you can try your hands on this another heavy weapon. It can be operated with one hand and other can be used to hold a shield. So you can attack and protect yourself side by side. To use this weapon you will need a bit of strategy, don’t blindly attack. This heavy weapon takes time, and if you can get a perfect combo by aiming in the right direction then you can cause nice damage. The weapon has a good blocking ability, it has good range and high attack power. Having shield allow you to block heavy attacks, is the best part of Lance. It has a very strong shield. You can perform various combos once you learn well to use the weapon.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Gunlance is a mixture of the gun and the above weapon lance. You also get the shield with it. Through this weapon you can attack as well you can fire explosive shells on monsters. After a few shots, you will have to reload the weapon and it can affect the weapon sharpness. Wyvern’s Fire is another powerful attack by the weapon that can cause massive explosive. But remember this will overheat the weapon and you have to wait till the cool-down period.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

As the name says Hammer is to cause blunt damage that only stuns the monster if you hit properly. You can power-up the weapon and charge its attacks. The only problem here is the weapon has a short range. So you have to be very near to the monster for the attack. And this increase the chances of getting attacked by them. Also, the swing is slow, so you have to plan when to attack. One good thing is that you can run with the weapon, it does not affect your mobility.

Heavy Bowgun: HEAVY WEAPON

Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

A powerful version of light weapon Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun can cause high damage from long range. It also has higher ammo capacity, and you can carry it with a shield. But this can slow you down. It is necessary to aim your shot properly because the fire rate is slow and if you miss you will have a few seconds of delay that can kick you out of the game. The weapon supports a wide range of ammo types so you have broader room for testing a different type of attacks.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Switch Axe is a complex weapon to handle. It has two modes, first is the Axe mode where you get a good distance to attack and it does not affect much of your speed. Next, it has a Sword Mode, where you can cause extra damage. In this mode through phial’s bonus, you can add more like elemental damage, extra damage or even effects that can drain monsters stamina. Before taking out this weapon it is always better to learn properly. It is a very powerful weapon and that makes it hard to control.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Charge Blade also has two forms, it can turn into a huge axe or you can use it as a sword and shield. You can use the weapon as sword till the energy gauge is full and then switch to axe and release a powerful attack on the monster. The weapon offers you a balance between defense and attack. If you see the monsters against you is fast in attack you can switch to Sword and Shield to defend yourself. It has many benefits, but it is not very easy to use. Its complex move-set requires time to learn.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Hunting Horn is slow, but if you can use it properly it can offer a heavy blow. The weapon offers a wide range of team buffs, and it features blunt weapon that offers repeated stunning. The weapon can play music, so you get a music track when you are fighting. You can store up to 3 melodies in melody sheet and play it anytime. Shockwave created by the weapon performance can deliver high attack and stunning power. It is best when you are playing the game in a team.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

A bow is more like a gun and it offers you a unlimited ammunition You can apply a coating on the arrow to change their properties when you attack. So having unlimited arrows to attack is the pretty awesome way when you are dealing with bigger monsters, using proper coating buffs you can create impressive attacks. There are special arrows available for this weapon that allow you to hit a monster more than one time in one single shot. Using charge up arrows in this weapon is one of the best ways to utilize its full strength.


Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide

Insect Glaive is more about mobility and attacking in focus. It is an active and fast weapon that will help you to attack without wasting time. But it does not deliver high damage, so you will have to perform different deadly combos. The weapon also offers you unparallel aerial combos, you can use them multiple times on any monster. Kinsects can be used with this weapon that offers boosts. It can also help you to recover some stamina. It is also the best weapon when you have plans to mount on monsters.

To know more about the weapons and their action style you can have a look at the video below. This video offers a good analysis of the weapon types and you also get a glimpse of how you can use them against the monsters.

With the help of above details you can now more effectively in the battle against monsters, you can pick the weapon that suits you the best or experiment between light, heavy and technical to test more powerful attack combos. Do share in the comments section below which one is your favorite.