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How To Use Nintendo Switch Motion Controls in Skyrim

Skyrim players can try out motion controls on their Nintendo Switch consoles. Here is how to toggle and use them in combat.

Skyrim for Nintendo Switch is a great way to dive into the popular open-world RPG. Additionally, players can also utilize motion controls with their Joy-Cons. This allows players to use their controllers like a Sword as they take on the responsibilities of the Dragonborn.

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Motion control support is only available for the Switch Exclusive Skyrim version, with hand movement you can perform various activities like attacking using a weapon, and casting magic. In this guide, we cover setting up motion controls in Skyrim, and how to use them.

How To Enable Motion Controls In Skyrim Nintendo Switch

Image via Bethesda
Image via Bethesda

To enable or disable the motion controls for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in Skyrim, players will need to hit the “+” button to bring up the main menu. Navigate to “Systems”, and then toggle the “Enable Motion Controls”.

Combat Controls for Joy-Con

Below are all the different motion controls in Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

  • Left Swing (Soft): Using the left swing, players can both depend and attack. Swinging will bring up with weapon or the shield equipped to that hand.
  • Left Swing (Hard): By swinging forcefully, players will be able to execute a more powerful attack.
  • Right Swing (Soft): Like the left swing, using a soft right swing will activate the weapon or shield equipped to the right hand.
  • Right Swing (Hard): Swing harder to deal a more powerful blow using the right handed sword or shield.

Magic & Bow Controls for Joy-Con

You can use the motion control to aim for casting a magic to use the bow. After aiming, release the spell or arrow using the ZL and ZR buttons.

Lock Picking Controls for Joy-Con

Breaking locks can also be carried out using Motion controls. Hold ZL in the left Joy-Con and twist the controller to rotate to pick. The same can be done on the right. On the Joy-Con, hold ZR and twist the controller to rotate the lock.

While motion controls definitely aren’t the best option for everyone, they can be a fun way to change up a gameplay experience. Swinging a sword in real time is a great way to both get a workout, and feel more immersed in Skyrim’s expansive world.

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