How To Use Motion Controls In Skyrim Nintendo Switch


Skyrim for Nintendo Switch is out today and this time the game comes with Motion Control support. You can simply play this game through the joy coins without holding the Switch console in your hand or just hook it on a wide screen display and enjoy the massive world of Skyrim by waving your hand. The motion controls support is only in the Switch Exclusive Skyrim version, with hand movement you can perform various activities like attacking using a weapon, casting magic, etc. Below you can find the method of applying motion control settings for combat, magic and lock picking.

Skyrim Motion Control Switch

How To Enable Motion Controls In Skyrim Nintendo Switch

Combat Controls for Joy-Con

This include motions for attacking something in the game or defending yourself from attack.

  • Left Swing: This can be used for attacking as well as defending. By soft left swing, you can use the weapon in your left hand to attack, or you can use the shield on the left hand to defend yourself form an attack.
  • Left Swing (Harder): This increase the force of your attack in your left hand.
  • Right Swing: Similar to the left swing, this motion will let you to use the weapon or shield in your right hand for attack or for defending.
  • Right Swing (Harder): Use this to increase the force of weapon in fight hand to attack the enemy.

Magic and Bow Controls for Joy-Con

You can use the motion control to aim for casting a magic in the game or to use a bow. Use ZL or ZR to simply cast the spell and aim through motion control on the object.

Lock Picking Controls for Joy-Con

Breaking locks can also be carried out using Motion controls. Hold ZL in the left Joy-Con and twist the controller to rotate to pick. Through the Right, Joy-Con hold ZR and twist the controller to rotate the lock.

So these are simply methods you can apply to control the game through Joy-cons. Well, there is not much added her, anyhow you will be using the controllers buttons for movements. But this can be handy if you want something different in the gameplay. Once the issue is using the motion controllers can slow down you a bit when you are in a fight, so you have to be quiet active here and ensure that your controllers do not lag in motion.

How’s you experience so far with Skyrim on Nintendo Switch? Do let us know in the comment section below. Apart from this Motion Control guide, we also have Skyrim Nintendo Switch Error guide detailing fix for some of the launch issues like – How To Remap Buttons, Motion Controls Issues and many other things.