NBA 2K22: How to get the Gym Rat badge

Are you a Gym Rat?

Screenshot from Gamepur

Badges are back in NBA 2K22, and for the most part, the ones that are attached to your MyPlayer depend on the build that you have created. One that does not is the Gym Rat badge, which is back for 2021. NBA 2K22 players can grind in order to get this badge, and here’s what you need to do in order to get it.

In order to the Gym Rat badge, you will first need to head into The City. Go to the Gatorade Training Facility, which can be found in the middle of the area. Here’s a look on the map:

Talk to the non-player character outside with the Gatorade shirt, and he will talk to you about the facility. Once that cutscene is done, you can head into the building.

Here, you can compete in a number of “training exercises,” which are really just a bunch of mini-games that will test how quickly you can press buttons shown on the screen. The exercises are split into five sections:

  • Acceleration
  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Vertical

Each exercise has a star system. The goal is to hit at least three stars 50 times. If you complete 50 of these exercises and get at least three stars, you will receive the badge, plus 1,000 MVP Points.

We do need to point something very important about these exercises. You will only be able to partake in one for the five categories above every seven days. This means that in order to get the Gym Rat badge, you will need to spend at least 10 weeks in order to get it, provided that you do manage to get three stars each time over that timespan.

There is one exercise, though, that can be done more than once a week: the Gatorade Reaction test. However, this challenge does not apply to progress towards the Gym Rat badge.