How to activate Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go for iOS and Android devices

Pokémon Go’s Adventure Sync is finally live, giving trainers an optional mode that will allow them to record the total distance that they have travelled in the game even if the application isn’t opened.

This will make it easier to hatch eggs, get Buddy Candy, and record travelling distance when trying to unlock the in-game achievement, without worrying about keeping the application open as you walk, draining your battery in the process. You’ll need to at least be level five or above to use the feature, however.

How to activate Adventure Sync

First, you’ll need to enable location permission on either Apple Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android)

You’ll then need to tap the main menu option on Pokemon Go and open up the settings menu.

You can then tap Adventure Sync which will prompt you to grant permissions for Pokémon Go to access either Apple Health or Google Fit. You should then be good to go.

For further information, be sure to check out Pokemon Go’s official website, which will offer tips and tricks for any problems you might have.

How Can I make sure the app is connected to Apply Health/Google Fit?

  • For Apple Health:
    • Open Apple Health
    • Tap on Sources and under the Apps option, make sure that Pokémon Go is listed as a connected device
  • For Google Fit (may vary depending on device and OS):
    • Open your device’s Settings app
    • Tap on Google, then Google Fit. You can then click on the Connected apps and devices option to make sure that Pokémon Go is listed as a connected device

How do you know when you’ve unlocked something when using the feature?

When you have unlocked a piece of candy or hatched an egg while using Adventure sync, you will receive a push notification so you can load up the game manually, collect your rewards, and incubate a new egg.

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