How to Catch Smeargle in Pokémon Go

Catching Smeargle is a waiting game

Background via Niantic, Image via The Pokémon Company

You can now catch Smeargle in Pokémon Go, the artist Pokémon who paints using their tail. Generally, you find Pokémon while you wander around the world and have your game application open. Although, to catch this talented artist, you need to appeal to their creative side.

To capture Smeargle you have to activate the Go Snapshot, which is taking a picture of any of your Pokémon. Choose any from your collection, and when you’re on their main page choose the camera icon located on the upper right of your screen. This action takes you to the AR mode where your Pokémon should appear wherever you point your smartphone’s camera. You can now freely take a picture of them.

Every time you take a photograph of a Pokémon, you have the chance for Smeargle to photobomb it. After it does, return to the main map of the game, and you should see Smeargle spawn nearby. After that, you can freely attempt to capture them.

Don’t expect Smeargle to show up every time. You may need to remain patient and get a little lucky for him to show up. Some players have reported getting him within the first few tries of using the Go Snapshot feature. Others have not been so lucky, despite taking dozens of photos. He’s a little shy.