How to Catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go

 How to Catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go

You can now catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go. This little artist first made its appearance in Pokemon: Gold Version and is from the Johto-region. Generally, you’d be able to find one as you wander around the real world and have them spawn on your map. However, to catch this talented artist, you need to appeal to its creative side.

Earlier this month, the developers behind Pokemon Go, Niantic, released a feature for the mobile game called Go Snapshot. With this, trainers can host a photoshoot of any Pokemon they had in their storage taking augmented reality (AR) photographs of them with their present backdrop as the background. You need to use this to lure Smeargle out.

To use Go Snapshot, go to your storage space where you’re carrying all of your Pokemon. Pick out the one you’d like to photograph, click on it, and you’ll see a small camera on the right side of your screen. Click on that, and you should have a small notification, reminding you only to take AR photographs when you’re in a safe location. After that, you should see your favorite little creature in the middle of your screen on an AR background. You have to set them down on a small, glimmering location before they’re ready to take a photograph. The Go Snapshot feature only works if you do this.

Every time you take a photograph of your favorite Pokemon, you have the chance for Smeargle to photobomb the photoshoot. After he does, return to the main map of the game, and you should see Smeargle not too far from your location. From there, it’s all about capturing him using your Pokeball-throwing techniques.

Don’t expect Smeargle to show up every time. You may need to remain patient and get a little lucky for him to show up. Some players have reported getting him within the first few tries of using the Go Snapshot feature. Others have not been so lucky, despite taking dozens of photos. He’s a little shy.