All Challenges Currently in Pokémon Rumble Rush


Nintendo today launched their new mobile Pokémon game, Pokémon Rumble Rush, in Australia. A free-to-play mobile game with elements of catching Pokemon, creating your team and fighting through elite bosses is the name of the game, and like many free-to-play mobile titles, and similar to Pokémon GO, Rumble Rush offers three different types of challenges for you to sink your teeth into.

All Challenges offer to you Poké Diamonds, the game’s premium currency which can be used in the game’s shop for a variety of boosts, and time savers to ore refiners as a reward for completion (currently three per challenge across the board).

Ore is used to help boost the stats of your Pokémon but work on a timed basis, so you’d need to wait for them to unlock to be usable on your team. The boosts will significantly reduce the time it takes for them to be ready for use. Our handy guide will take you through how to make your Pokémon stronger with the use of Ores.

The first set of challenges is the daily challenges, similar to Pokémon GO whereby logging into the game each day and completing a research task, the game tasks you logging in each day and completing a daily quest. Currently, three different daily quests could be available: Catch three Pokémon, Obtain one ore, and refine ore.

Next, there are limited-time challenges. These will include catching certain Pokémon and completing objectives during a set time, such as a seasonal achievement. There are also achievements based around certain areas or events of the game. For example, all of the current limited-time challenges revolve around completing objectives around the Charizard’s Island Home event, and include catching an Alakazam, Blastoise, Charizard, Scyther, and Venusaur, while also improving your area rank up to 12, with a reward of Poké Diamonds for each time you level up. The current objectives can be found in the game and are available to complete until June 5th.

Finally, you have Adventurer Challenges. These are more long term goals with no set time for completion. They will help to track progress throughout the game. At this time, there appear to be about 40 challenges, though as the game continues to grow, we expect these to expand or even maybe rotate. These can also be obtained as easily as navigating through the game, as Poké Diamonds are rewarded for the first time that you open the search screen, switch Pokémon, or discover a stage. It’s worth reading through the list of achievements when you first start as a way of getting a head start on your Poké Diamond collection and strengthening your team.

Completing any of these challenges in-game should prompt notification to let you know that you’ve completed the challenge and been rewarded your Pokémon Diamonds.

With all the above in mind, new players will have plenty to get stuck into. Having released today, you have plenty of time to make this set of timed-challenges, so we hope that you will join us as we embark on the next Pokémon adventure!