When will Pokémon Rumble Rush be coming to iPhone and iOS devices?

A brand new mobile Pokémon adventure just surprised launch in parts of the world in the past few hours and trainers are already scurrying along to get their hands on it.

Sadly, however, the game is only available in Australia and Japan at the time of writing and only on Android phones, with an iOS version nowhere to be seen. That’s not to say that one won’t be coming eventually, however, just that you might need to wait some time.

But how long?

It is hard to say. Officially, The Pokémon Company has not announced exactly when the game will come out on iOS devices and only that it’s expected to come out sometime later this year. There has been no confirmation that the game is a timed exclusive to Android devices, so it’s likely that the company is just looking to bring things out gradually.

If the iOS version were to come out in one region though, it would be possible for players from other regions to download and play the game by creating an Apple account in that region and downloading it from the app store.

For now, however, we just need to wait to hear more information and pray the game reaches us pretty soon instead of the end of the year.