Princess Connect! Re: Dive error code 100 explained

All your mana can’t save this one…in fact, it’s making it worse.

Image via CrunchyRoll

Princess Connect! Re: Dive was barely in our hands for a few hours before a rampant error code began circulating among new players. Many of the game’s new players are reporting Error Code 100. We’re actively investigating the issue ourselves, and here’s what we know so far.

The most important thing you can do right now, if you haven’t done so already, is to NOT purchase the $3.99 Goddess Blessing pack. This gives you 2 million mana to do with as you wish, but it seems that purchasing this from the store will cause the game to enter a somewhat unplayable state. Any mana that you use after purchasing this pack will crash the game.

Developer Crunchy Roll has yet to issue any official statements regarding this error code, but since it’s still very early into the North American release, it may take a while before they report back with any fixes/patches. For now, if you have purchased the Goddess Blessing pack and can’t continue, go to your in-game Menu tab. Select Support, then select Contact Us. Choose Technical Issues for your subject, and fill out the form to let them know you’re getting Error Code 100.

If enough people report the code at once, this should increase the chances they will have it resolved in an update, and possibly give out some bonus rewards to make up for the lost game time.