Rage 2 – Northern Array Ark Chest Location

One of the many Bounty missions you can do in Rage 2 is to take out the Northern Array Bandit Camp. These nefarious rascals need to be put down for good, and you are just the person to get it done. Other than cash and rep, there is another reason to head up there — the Northern Array Ark Chest. Ark Chests hold upgrades that can help you become more powerful, and are well worth hunting down.

Northern Array Ark Chest Location

Northern Array Ark Chest Map

First things first, you want to pick up the Northern Array Bandit Camp bounty from the Bounty Boards in Springwell. Once you have it, just head to the bandit camp marked on your map. When you get there, wipe out all the bandits that are hanging out at the top of the hill once they are dead, head down the ramp and into the facility. Clear out each room you get to until you come to a long, L-shaped corridor. It will have a lot of exploding canisters in it, so be careful when taking out the bandits that hang out here.

Once they are dead, head to the end of the corridor, but don’t turn right into the final room yet. There is another door on your left, open it up, and the Northern Array Ark Chest will be in there. Grab the items out of the chest, then open the purple door on the other side of the room. This gives you a short cut out of there.

Go to the final room, take out the remaining bandits, and you are done. The camp is cleared, and the Northern Array Ark Chest is yours.