ReCore Walkthrough Part 3 – Whisper in the Sand, The Cradle, and Kai’s Crawler

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Joule had successfully powered up the Pylon 512 and unlocked the Fast Travel by meeting Violet in Mission 2 – Paradise Lost. But at the End of the Mission, we also saw the Security Bots and their Leader Victor looking for the Prismatic Cores as well. In this guide, we will continue our hunt to see who is sending us the Distress Signal and what’s new to come in Joule’s Journey in Far Eden. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Search.

Whisper in the Sand Walkthrough

Whisper in the Sand Walkthrough

Once you are done with the upgrades and crafting in Joule’s Crawler, you are all set to explore the Open World, but for now, we will stick to our main Mission which is to find and locate the Distress Signal. So you can either fast travel to the Lonely Basin or travel all the way from your Crawler.

Find the Cell Bots to Open the Locked Area

Once you get outside the Pylon 512 Control Center Dungeon, head straight towards the marked location where you see the locked doors and you need 4 CellBots in order to open it. All the Cellbots are on the floating platforms above so You can climb and find them any way you want, here are the screenshots below for all the four CellBots location.

recore-walkthorugh-part3-2.1.jpg recore-walkthorugh-part3-2.2.jpg recore-walkthorugh-part3-2.3.jpg recore-walkthorugh-part3-2.4.jpg

Is anybody Out There?

Once you get near the Cradle Entrance a cutscene will play and you will have to fight the Security Bots first. Make sure you activate transfer plates, Violet every new area you explore. Now make your way inside the Cradle to find the distress single’s exact location which is the far side from the Quarry Pit. So get started with the exploration and there are multiple ways to cross the Quarry Pit, but we will try to use the support Tunnel Route.

Find 3 Cellbots

Inside the Tunnel get ready to take some betting as high-level enemies are just waiting for you. After defeating the corebots you need to move the hover plates in order to get across the tunnel. The area on the left is where you’ll find the all 3 CellBots. They are locked in the cage outside the Tower on your Left. Free them and don’t forget to explore this area for blueprints and other collectibles.

recore-walkthorugh-part3-4.1.jpg recore-walkthorugh-part3-4.2.jpg recore-walkthorugh-part3-4.3.jpg recore-walkthorugh-part3-4.4.jpg

Find Alternate Route

Once you get across, an alternate route is required as the Tunnel is blocked off. So jump to the higher level behind the Box where you find the Blueprint. Be careful with your jumps if you make on wrong jump Joule dies. Get down there in the Sands again where you see another Crawler from where you have been receiving those signals, but first, you need to deal with new species of CoreBots.

Hint: On your way towards the Crawler, you’ll find a Circular container which has the Prismatic Core, but first you have to defeat the Level-8 K-9 Bots.

A Friend in Need

Once you get close to the Crawler, a cutscene will start where you meet Kai Brehn – Member Maintenance team with his Corebot – Seth. He will ask us to get a Green Core from the nearby CoreBots Hive. He will also give you the Blue Rifle Ammo which will make us easy to take down Blue CoreBot. So let’s head towards the marked location to find this Green Core and bring it back to Kai so he can fix his Leg.

Once you get to the marked location, use Mack to search near the broken parts to find the Green Hybrid Spider just like we’ve shown in the picture below. All you need to to is take him down and bring back the Part to Kai. Once you get inside the Crawler, the cutscene will start where Kai is happy to see the Prismatic Core that Joule has found and ask her to check the Core Foundry to know all the answers.

Thus completing the third Walkthrough and you can continue to the next Chapter – Arachnid Acrophobia, or check our ReCore Wiki Guide to know more about the collectibles, blueprints, Boss Fights, best use of Workbench and much more.