Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Bonnie MacFarlane Location Guide

 Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Bonnie MacFarlane Location Guide

If you played the first Red Dead Redemption game you’d remember Bonnie MacFarlane, the one who helps you learn how to be a cowboy. She also becomes a crucial figure in the plot and many people loved her. If you are one of her admirers, we have good news for you: due to a Red Dead Online’s Easter egg, you can meet her. Are you excited, aren’t you?

Bonnie MacFarlane Easter Egg In Red Dead Online

She is waiting for you by MacFarlane Ranch and will ask you to track down a lost cart: all you have to do is find and shoot them before riding back to the ranch. Just like old times.

Bonnie MacFarlane Easter Egg

In Red Redemption 2 you can also find an Easter egg dedicated to her. Perhaps you know the woman was married and later divorced, even if we don’t know many other details about it.

Bonnie MacFarlane Location

Near Flatneck Station, near the shore of Flat Iron Lake, you can find a dying man. He gives you a letter on which it is written:

“Dear Miss MacFarlane, I’m sorry. I said it. I’m sorry. You’re right. I do let things get out of control in my head. I always have. I see that but I love you. We are meant to be together. It is our destiny. I know it is. I saw us in a dream, raising kids. You were very happy as my wife and I was proud to be your husband. Dreams don’t lie and neither do I. I’m heading off to make my fortune and when I come back as a rich man, you’ll see what a fine husband I will make you, and a father to our children. And no, I won’t grow up. On that subject you’re wrong. I’ve got so many things to say to you. I’m going to continue with the writing of this letter later, but believe me, when I say, we are destined for a long, happy life together. Even your father will come to believe it and accept me, no matter how humble my birth”.

What do you think about this letter? Do you think the man is her divorced husband? Let us know. You can also refer to the following video guide from YouTuber Generic Gaming.

RED DEAD ONLINE – Meeting Bonnie MacFarlane

Red Dead Online Bonnie MacFarlane Scene. Meeting Bonnie MacFarlane is Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. If you decide to got to MacFarlane’s ranch in Red Dead Online, you can meet Bonnie and Amos. A few years before John Marston. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Bonnie MacFarlane Scene