Red Dead Online High Roller Revolver Unlock Guide (Xbox One)

 Red Dead Online High Roller Revolver Unlock Guide (Xbox One)

Players who purchased Red Dead Redemption 2 for Xbox One had to wait for 30 days if you want to know – but finally, they also had access to the High Roller Revolver (along with the Red Chestnut Arabian Horse and the Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter Saddle).

Basically it works as for PS4 but probably, if you have the Xbox One edition, you have not looked for PS4 guides, so we tell you how to do it. Please note we are referring to the online mode (Red Dead Online), as told in the title. To unlock it in the offline mode (Red Dead Redemption 2) you have to play GTA V online mode before.

How to Get High Roller Revolver (Xbox One)

How To Unlock High Roller Revolver (Xbox One)

First of all, you have to reach any Fence in the game (read our guide about Fences if you don’t know their locations). You will see the High Roller Revolver in the Fence menu and – surprise! – it is for free. You can also get it at any rank, unlike what happens with the other double action revolvers that can only be equipped at higher ranks.

High Roller Revolver Stats

  • Damage 1.5
  • Range 2.0
  • Firing Rate 3.2
  • Reload 2.0
  • Accuracy 2.8

Note that with this revolver you can hunt down small and moderate size animals.