Remnant 2: How to Beat the Venom Boss

Venom is one of the more challenging bosses in the Remnant 2 engame. Here are tips and strategies on how to beat it.

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You might fight a boss called Venom near the end of the Remnant 2 campaign in the Root Earth world, and he can be quite a challenge, especially when fought solo. His attacks can easily one or two-shot unprepared players, other attacks are fast or have tricky dodge windows, and its second phase is another level altogether. In this guide, We’ll review everything you need to know to beat Venom.

Best Strategies to Beat the Venom Boss in Remnant 2

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The first and most valuable piece I can give when fighting Venom in Remnant 2 is to never stay in one place for too long. You can get away with staying relatively still when fighting other bosses like Bloat King, Astropath, and even the Sha’Hala N’Erud world boss, but not Venom. He’s too mobile; many of his attacks either have extended range or don’t care about range, and he’s constantly summoning exploding saplings that will shoot projectiles at you. If you stay in one place for too long, you will die, guaranteed.

Secondly, I would bring an auto-revive mechanic via the Challenger Archeypte or the Black Cat Ring for two main reasons. First, they give you a free second chance, but more importantly, they let you see what does and doesn’t work against specific attacks. Many of Venom’s deadlier moves come in two or three parts, so having one or both of these revive sources gives you the leeway to make a mistake or have a teachable moment with relatively lower stakes.

My last piece of advice is to stock up on as many healing items as possible. That means increasing how many Relics you can hold, gathering Bloodroot, and, if your weapon can equip it, using the Healing Shot mod you can get at the start of the game. I cannot overstate how important that mod was to my entire first playthrough, even if it can be a little inconsistent. It’s an entirely renewable source of solid heals, and in a game as cutthroat as Remnant 2, there are few things more valuable.

All Venom Boss Attacks in Remnant 2

The Venom fight occurs across two phases, with the second beginning when you get the boss to roughly 50% health. The second phase maintains all of the attacks from the first and gains several new ones that are somehow even deadlier.

Venom First Phase Attacks

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  • Fireball: Venom points his red-hot spear tip at you, firing a slow-moving fireball that creates a delayed AoE where it lands, then throws three sticky bombs at you.
  • Double/Triple Stab: After a windup, Venom stabs with his spear. The first and second travel a fair distance, but the third can travel nearly half the arena, with a considerable delay before coming out. The third attack can also be a faster, closer-range shove.
  • Sticky Bombs: After raising its free hand over its head, Venom throw three small projectiles at you that stick to whatever they land on, detonating after about three seconds, dealing heavy damage.
  • Spear Throw into Slam: Venom tosses its spear at you, then rushes to the weapon and slams down into the ground after a brief delay. This attack could easily one-shot me, and while I was under-leveled, be careful.
  • Slash into Shockwave: With a twirl, Venom readies its spear and charges toward you, first slashing diagonally in front of it, generating an energy blade in the process. He then spins around, sending out a circular shockwave. I could survive one, but not both.
  • Thorn Field Slam: Raising its weapon with both hands, Venom slams it down and summons a large field of thorns that deal heavy damage and cover a frankly ridiculous area. You can dodge directly into the field to avoid them; in many cases, that’s your only way out.

Venom Second Phase Attack

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Aside from using all the attacks from phase one, phase two of the Venom fight adds one move that ups the ante.

  • Field of Explosions: Heralding the start of phase two and usable at any time afterward, Venom hovers close to the ground and surrounds itself in black and red energy, jams its spear into the ground, and fills the arena with damage zones that explode after about two seconds. It creates three or four waves of zones that track both your location and where you’re running. My strategy for this attack was to note it was coming and then just run around the arena until it stopped, though it is possible to roll through the AoE.

The final thing I’ll leave you with is: try not to get into what I call a “heal loop,” where you heal, then immediately take damage, then need to heal again, and so on. Many of my deaths against Venom in Remnant 2 came from either bad roll timing or losing control of the rhythm of the fight. Heal loops are the ultimate loss of control. Try to learn the best openings for your particular healing strategy and use them either to deal damage or recoup some lost health.