Remnant: From the Ashes – Where to Find the Glowing Rods

As Remnant: From the Ashes continues to enthrall players, more little details emerge that improve your character’s build, and subsequently, the game. Many of these are hidden behind events, special doors, or in this case, three glowing rods.

Glowing Rod

What are the Glowing Rods?

The glowing rods are, well, glowing rods. According to ShackNews, there are three in total, and they unlock the Akari armor set. Visually the rods are exactly as their name suggests, glowing rods. They’re located throughout the dungeons in Rhom and can be recognized by their bright red glow in the dungeon. They’re hard to miss with the glow, so don’t worry about passing over them by mistake.

Where do you find them?

That’s the kind of problem when it comes to Remnant. The game is amazing because of the inherent randomness of the dungeons. However, pinpointing exactly where something is in the game is next to impossible as a result.

The glowing rods are on Rhom, the second area you encounter in the game. They can be found in nearly any dungeon on Rhom. ShackNews emphasizes this point, encouraging players to search every dungeon on Rhom thoroughly.

What do I do with them?

Once the player in question has acquired all three rods, they can use them to unlock the Akari set. The set is found in the Vault of the Herald on Rhom, as the Wiki notes on the set, confirmed by Reddit users, and ShackNews writers. There are three locked doors, one for each rod. You’ll find a mask, garb, and leggings as you unlock each door.

The Akari Armor Set

What’s the Akari Set, and do I need it?

The Akari set grants the player additional passives when equipped. All three armor pieces must be equipped for the maximum benefit. The set grants the passive Opportunist, where upon dodging an attack the player’s critical chance and melee damage increase for ten seconds. Depending on how many pieces are equipped, the increase varies from a ten percent chance to a 30 percent chance.

While the glowing rods are not in an exact pinpoint location, they are on Rhom somewhere. Be thorough in your exploration, and you should find all three in no time, unlocking the entire Akari set and all the bonuses associated with it.