Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Raze


Raze is one of many bosses you might run into in Remnant: From The Ashes. This large floating monster will zip through the air around and launch fireballs at you in a large spread, while his flying minions try to pick you off with precision shots.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Raze

For the early part of the fight, Raze will spew a wide arc of fire at you, so it is best to split up into different areas if you are playing a group. Shotguns won’t be much use here, and you will want to bring weapons that are effective over decent range instead.

Raze has weak points where he glows yellow, and these are the places you should be aiming for when you get a chance to damage him. Keep a close eye on your distance, as if Raze gets too close he can hit you with a scream that will stagger you, making it easier for his flying minions to hit you. It is best to take out all the minions, then focus your damage into Raze.

Once he has taken enough damage, he will attempt to run down one person in the party with a constant stream of fireballs. These cause Burning if they hit you, so you want to avoid them as best you can. The trick here is to run to one side of the arena and have the pillars of rock between you and Raze while you take out his minions. As soon as the constant stream of fire stops, you can go back to damage him.

From time to time, Raze will disappear, leaving you to deal with a large flood of minions. Don’t worry, when he returns, he will be back to the same attack patterns again. Just keep dealing with the waves, and avoiding those hard-hitting fireballs, until Raze is defeated.

Any mods that give you extra damage are a great benefit here, and you might want to think about bringing armor that provides good resistance against fire, or good Stamina perks because you will be rolling a lot during this fight.