Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Kill Shatter And Shade


Shatter and Shade are twin bosses located in Rhom in Remnant: From The Ashes. These twins take the form of a spell wielding caster, and a melee fighter armed with a twin-bladed spear. One will try to hunt you down through the arena, while the other will try to pepper you with high damage spells from afar.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Kill Shatter And Shade

Remnant: Shatter and Shade

Shatter and Shade are reasonably easy to deal with in the first portion of the fight. One will stand still and cast spells, while the other tries to get in melee range. I like to focus the melee range guy down as much as possible. Be careful about venturing too close to either boss, as they have a variety of large area-of-effect attacks they will use when you get too close. Once he takes enough damage, he will run to his friend who will cast a dome shield over them both, and radiation explosions will occur in the arena.

While dodging these, keep an eye out for ads that will come in from the sides. Take them out, then turn your weapons on the shield and break it. Once it breaks, use any area-of-effect weapon or mod that you have to damage both bosses at the same time.

Just rinse and repeat until the melee boss is dead, then focus on the solo caster boss. Always make sure you take out the adds before breaking the shield, because dodging ads, melee attacks, and spells at the same time will be difficult.

From time to time the caster will use a large beam of energy attack against you, so block this off using the natural cover of the room you are fighting in. The best weapons for this fight are shotguns or the Coachgun, as they will do tremendous damage to both bosses, and one shot the ads.