How to Use Beads of Fealty in Risk of Rain 2


A lot of new things came into Risk of Rain 2 with its Hidden Realms update today, and some of it can be hard to figure out the purpose of.

Take the new lunar item, Beads of Fealty. These new items can only be acquired by looting Lunar Pods or finding them in the Bazaar Between Time. Both methods require you to spend Lunar Coins rather than Gold.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like these beads do anything or serve any purpose, but that’s because you have to do a specific thing with them in order to gain access to one of the game’s new areas.

With the Beads of Fealty in your possession, head to A Moment, Fractured and enter the green portal. Once you have entered the portal, simply obliterate yourself by interacting with the obelisk and selecting the option to do so, and instead of dying, you will enter the brand new area where you can explore and take on a new boss.

In addition to the new item, the update has also added a new survivor, Acrid, a recognized character from the first game, and much more.

The Hidden Realms update is available for download now.