Roblox Project Bronze Forever codes (February 2023)

Ready for a Roblox-style Pokemon adventure?

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In Project Bronze Forever, you are not just a spectator but an active participant in the world of Pokémon. You get to create your own avatar and set out on an epic journey to capture and train a diverse range of creatures, each with its own unique abilities and strengths.

Along the way, you’ll encounter other players who share your passion for adventure and discovery, and you can team up with them to take on even greater challenges. There are also codes to kickstart your journey and help you get rewards.

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Roblox Project Bronze Forever all codes

Roblox Project Bronze Forever active codes

  • There are no working codes for Roblox Project Bronze Forever.

Roblox Project Bronze Forever expired codes

  • Gen9IsCool — Reward: Freebies
  • KickBugFixed — Reward: Freebies
  • SorryForDelays — Reward: Freebies
  • Update1 — Reward: Freebies
  • UPLOAD-3 — Reward: Freebies
  • Tanoshii — Reward: Freebies
  • bruh — Reward: Freebies
  • HappyNewYear2023 — Reward: Freebies
  • Darkie — Reward: Reward 
  • CoolCode — Reward: Freebies 
  • UPLOAD-2 — Reward: Yamper
  • HappyChristmas — Reward: Freebies
  • UPLOAD-1 — Reward: Freebies
  • DATAWIPE — Reward: 200 BP and shop items
  • SpeedRunner — Reward: Freebies 
  • FirebaseSucks — Reward: Freebies
  • Thanksgiving — Reward: Freebies
  • ROLLBACKOCTOBER — Reward: Ghost Shiny
  • TheChild — Reward: Baby Generation 8 Pokemon
  • SubscribeToBobby — Reward: Freebies
  • LATEHALLOWEEN2021 — Reward: Freebies
  • JoeCovenant — Reward: Freebies
  • CORRUPTED — Reward: Freebies
  • BlackScreen — Reward: Freebies
  • 40K — Reward: Freebies
  • SOJ — Reward: Freebies
  • Volcanion — Reward: Freebies
  • Route17 — Reward: Freebies
  • Lotto — Reward: Freebies
  • Gym7 — Reward: Freebies
  • Hoopa — Reward: Freebies
  • Appetizers — Reward: Freebies
  • MerryChristmas2021 — Reward: Freebies
  • SORRYFORDELAY — Reward: Freebies
  • MURRE — Reward: Freebies
  • TESSFIX — Reward: Freebies
  • SORRYFORMAJORDELAY — Reward: Freebies
  • ROWLETERS — Reward: Freebies
  • CARELESSWHISPER — Reward: Freebies
  • 50KSPECIAL — Reward: Freebies
  • GALARIANEVENT — Reward: Freebies
  • AUDIOFIXES — Reward: Freebies
  • COMPENSATION — Reward: Freebies
  • ROAMINGROPOWER — Reward: Freebies
  • SHINYROPOWER — Reward: Freebies
  • EVBOOST — Reward: Freebies
  • VERYLATEEASTER — Reward: Freebies
  • 80KNEW — Reward: Freebies

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How to redeem codes in Roblox Project Bronze Forever

Screenshot by Gamepur

Roblox Project Bronze no longer supports a code redemption system, but before you could enter them by following these steps.

  • Open Roblox Project Bronze on your device.
  • Click on the menu button on the left.
  • Open options from the menu.
  • Here you would see a text box to redeem codes.

How to get Roblox Project Bronze Forever codes

If you’re looking to score more codes for Roblox Project Bronze Forever, Discord is the place to be. The game’s official Discord server is a great resource for getting access to exclusive codes and connecting with other game fans. By joining the community and engaging with other players, you’ll be among the first to know about new codes.

Why are Roblox Project Bronze Forever codes not working

If your Roblox Project Bronze Forever codes are not working, it could be due to several reasons. It could be a typing error, meaning you may have entered the code incorrectly. Double-check the code and enter it exactly as it appears to avoid any mistakes. Another reason could be that the code has expired, as many codes have a limited time frame for redemption.

Which is the real Roblox Project Bronze Forever game?

The actual Project Bronze Forever game on Roblox is back-linked — the original game is known as “PBF.” It’s important to be cautious of any other games claiming to be Project Bronze Forever; they are not legitimate and pose potential security risks. To ensure the best and safest gaming experience, stick with the official PBF game on Roblox.

Is Roblox Project Bronze Forever good?

Roblox Project Bronze Forever has a large and active community of players. The game offers immersive and engaging gameplay and the opportunity to connect with other players and explore a vast and diverse virtual world. These, along with other reasons, make this game worth playing.