Roblox Titanage codes (September 2021)

Beware of titans.

In Roblox Titanage, you’ll be facing off against the massive titans that are invading. You’ll be teaming up with other squadmates to beat them back and prestiging as you level up. The titans are ruthless. They’re going to be grabbing, stomping, and attempting to eat you while they attack, and there’s the possibility of players losing their progress when they die. You’ll need every bit of help you can get to defend against the titans, and we have several codes that you can redeem in Roblox Titanage that can help you out.

How to redeem codes

When you’re ready to redeem any of the codes listed below, you can do that while playing the game. First, launch Roblox Titanage from your chosen profile, and then click on the settings options, the gear cog on the bottom-right of your screen. From there, a large text box will appear where you can type any of the codes you want to redeem.

All Roblox Titanage codes

These are all of the working Roblox Titanage codes that you can redeem while playing the game.

  • BUSYBEEE – Redeem for Bee Buddy accessory
  • OMGIGOTTABLACKTRIDENT – Redeem for Black Demon Trident accessory
  • YEAHIMABOSS! – Redeem for Boss Necklace accessory
  • 40KLikes – Redeem for 3,000 cash (you must play for a certain amount of time to unlock this)
  • LUXURIOUS!!! – Redeem for Luxury Hat
  • MFSA12F – Redeem for Body Pillow accessory
  • KAWAIISUSSYBAKA – Redeem for Chick Mask accessory
  • CoronaBack? – Redeem for Face Mask accessory

We will be updating these codes when we learn more about them, and we’ll be removing the ones that are no available.