Roblox Yar codes (April 2021)

Grow your ship captain reputation without ever jumping aboard.

Even though exploring worlds by boat for cargo is a fun adventure, Yar also allows players to forgo having to hunt for materials by way of promo codes. With them, you can upgrade your ride, making the game much more of a breeze. Here’s what you can expect with each active code.

How to enter codes in Yar

In the game’s main hub, there is a lone wall standing next to the world portals. It will have a green box in the center where you can redeem all of the following codes. You will know if you’ve entered each correctly when your reward is displayed right after.

All active codes

  • BUG: Enter for three rubies.
  • XBOX: Enter for a Spiked Orb.
  • BETA: Enter for 10 copper blocks.
  • 1MIL: Enter for three rubies.
  • GLOWING: Enter for three glow blocks.
  • yar: Enter for 1,000 free gems.
  • hidden update: Enter for 1,500 free gems.