Roblox YouTube Simulator codes (September 2021)

Get the stuff you need to become a star.


Image via Indieuns

If you can’t make it big on YouTube in real life, Roblox YouTube Simulator is a great alternative. The only problem is that it’s still not very easy to conquer the platform from Roblox. However, we’ve got a list of codes that will help you destroy the competition and grow to be a sensation.

How to redeem Roblox YouTube Simulator codes

  • Launch Roblox YouTube Simulator
  • Click the Twitter icon in the top-left corner of the screen
  • Type in a working code in the text entry box
  • Confirm the code to redeem the rewards

Working Roblox YouTube Simulator codes

The following are all of the codes that currently work in the game. Follow the steps mentioned at the end of the guide to see how you redeem these codes for in-game rewards.

  • Sprint
  • Bloo
  • Spongeb0b: Grants a themed reward
  • FREERED: Provides you with Red
  • FREEGREEN: Provides you with Green
  • Milk: Provides you with Milk
  • OBESE: Gives your character an Appearance Change
  • ROOBYBUTTON: Provides you with a Ruby Play Button
  • gun: Gives your character a gun
  • minigun: Gives your character a minigun