Scavengers Explorer abilities details, tips and tricks

Shotgun Kali.

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Image by Midwinter Entertainment.

Scavengers is currently in early access, and the game’s build has a few shortcomings. One of them is that Explorer abilities are not properly described in the game, and players only have a general idea of what they do until they test them in a match. You can get more detailed descriptions of abilities on the Scavengers site, but there is still more to know and understand about each ability before you can take full advantage of it.

Aegis Shield

Valora’s dome shield looks and acts like Gibraltar’s equivalent in Apex Legends. However, it has three additional characteristics that are important to know. First, while the shield blocks incoming fire, it doesn’t stop melee attacks, and enemy Jaes will cut through the shield and your Explorer with ease. Second, the Aegis Shield has a health value that drains over time and when hit by projectiles or explosions; as it depletes, the shield shrinks in size. And finally, the Shield protects players inside it from the freezing effect of the storm – use it if you need to take a breather outside of the ring.

EMP Blast

EMP Blast makes Letty the designated silence-caster of Scavengers. The ability has very little impact unless timed perfectly to shut down multiple enemies or knock them off a cliff and into a family of bears. However, it does shine in two particular situations. First, it makes easy work of Scourge hordes, as they typically need to get in melee range to attack Explorers, and they tend to stack. Second, EMP Blast counters vehicles nicely: if someone is trying to run you over, a well-timed Blast will turn off their engine and knock back the vehicle, letting your squad fill it up with lead. Damage inflicted on vehicles is spread onto the passengers.

Curative Aura

In addition to rapidly restoring health, Halden’s Curative Aura also instantly picks up his downed squadmates. However, this revive feature only works if the target is within the Aura when it is cast. Crawling into it afterward will not pick you up.

Scavengers Explorers teamwork co-op
Image by Midwinter Entertainment.


Jae’s Overshield is an oppressively strong ability, and it’s interesting to note that many players are currently using it wrong, and it can be even stronger. When activated, it not only gives Jae bonus shields but also fully restores his lost shields. That means that you shouldn’t pop Overshield as you charge into an enemy squad, but instead, save it for right after your shield breaks.

For the record, with purple shields, Jae can effectively absorb 265 points of damage before he even starts losing health. Add to that the fact that Overshield is refreshed each time Jae downs an enemy with a melee attack, and you understand why he is currently considered the strongest Explorer in Scavengers.

Active Camo

Kali’s Active Camo is interesting, in that it deviates from some of the invisible assassin archetypes we see in other games. If she fires her weapon while invisible, she is revealed only temporarily and then automatically goes back into stealth until the ability timer ends. She can also use melee attacks without breaking invisibility at all. Because of how flexible Active Camo is, Kali is ironically very effective with a shotgun or a melee weapon. She can quickly close in on enemies and engage them face to face.

If Kali is downed while Active Camo is on, she is revealed for a second and then becomes invisible again. She is also notably the only Scavengers Explorer without a big bright particle effect ability that can be seen by enemies halfway across the map.