SCUM: Hidden Tricks And Features To Make Life Easier


SCUM offers an unprecedented amount of realism when it comes to surviving in an otherwise bleak situation. Maybe you’re stumbling across the landscape with a belly full of painkillers because you thought emptying a jar of antibiotics into your mouth might help rid you of that pesky starvation debuff. Or maybe you can’t figure out why you’re overdosing every time need to pop an aspirin. In SCUM there are all sorts of hidden tips and tricks that the game just doesn’t tell you about and the more you uncover, the more depth you realise the world of SCUM really has.

SCUM Hidden Tips And Tricks

So maybe you thought it was funny and decided to eat a whole bunch of medicine and now you’re having regrets. No one wants their character to die of an overdose or suffer some nasty debuff or side effect from some bad food. Not to worry, the game has a handy feature should you ingest something awful. If you hold your TAB key, your radial menu should appear and there should be an option to manually vomit which empties your stomach of all those nasty consumables. Unfortunately, this also empties your gut of all the good stuff you may have been in the process of “processing”.


Maybe you already have that Overdose debuff and you aren’t sure why? You weren’t popping pills, maybe you took a painkiller earlier to tide you over while you escaped a psycho Axe-wielding player. But you shouldn’t be overdosing on a single painkiller, right? Wrong. Once again, those hidden features that make the game that little bit more realistic have come to bite you. Taking any form of drug on an empty stomach will cause your character to overdose immediately. So you need to get something in your belly to help with the metabolising of medicines.


This next feature is completely unrelated to the previous two. If you ever find yourself sneaking around, in an area where there might be a few nasty players lurking around and you don’t want to just stand up like a stiff plank when you want to look over cover. There’s a handy little keybinding for just that. If you hold CTRL and roll your mouse wheel up or down, your character should adjust their crouching or standing position to any height in between the two, so if you just want to pop your head out from behind some barrels to get a better view on a target or enemy without standing up straight, this key binding should do the trick.


This last one is less a hidden feature and more of an easy tip. If you have yourself a nice looting spot somewhere on the map and you don’t feel like moving to another town or hunting outpost, always remember to clear all the loot tables in a spot before leaving. Empty containers, drag items into the vicinity that you don’t want and then return after half an hour. Loot respawns every half hour if a container’s loot is clear. With this trick, you can scour an area, leave to look at the next town over before returning to loot the area again without hopping from one town to the next in hopes that you find something new.