Sekiro – Blackhat Badger Questline Guide

Blackhat Badger is an important merchant in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. When you first find him, he can sell you the Iron Umbrella Prosthetic Tool. He also has his own reasons for being in Ashina, and you can help him with this, should you wish. He is very easy to miss unless you know exactly where to look for him.

Blackhat Badger Questline Guide

Puppeteer Nijutsu

You first meet Blackhat Badger in Ashina Castle, near the Old Grave Idol. This area will be available to you after you have defeated the Blazing Bull. Just move down the staircase, clearing out enemies, and he will be waiting for you in the broken down pagoda at the bottom of the steps. Be very careful in this area, as it is filled with powerful enemies. You also definitely want to take out the cannon-wielding enemy at the bottom of the steps, as he can sometimes damage you through the wall of the building.

Buy the Iron Umbrella from Blackhat, and he should be willing to talk to you a bit more about his plans. If not, you will need to buy some more items until he is happy with how much Sen he has made. He will tell you that he plans on going to Senpou Temple. He will be hanging out near the Senpou Temple, Mt Kongo Idol, near the kite. Speak to him to move the quest forward.

You can use this kite to help him cross the valley, as he desires to do this for reasons he won’t explain. To do this, you will need the Puppeteer Ninjutsu technique, which you earn by overcoming the Folding Screen Monkeys at the Senpou Temple Hall of Illusion. You can access this place by using the bell on the table at the Main Hall Idol.

Equip the Puppeteer Ninjutsu technique, then quietly make your way to the Kite Mechanism. There will be a Rat Assassin guarding it. Backstab him, then instantly hit the attack button again to use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu technique. This enslaves the dead enemy, and he will walk to the Kite Mechanism and use it to fly the Kite as high as possible.

You can now move through the level to the large buildings ahead, climb the massive tree there, and use the Kite to cross the valley. Up next are some fun leaps of faith, as you need to jump down the cliff face, wait to be within grapple range of the branches, then swing between them. If you want a more detailed breakdown of this part, as the areas can be confusing, be sure to check out our Senpou Kite Puzzle Guide.

Move into the cave you find there, and Blackhat Badger will be there, mourning at the grave of his son. Speak to him, and you will be finished with his quest, for now.

Progress through the game as normal, and when you face the Divine Dragon boss, you can return to where you first met Blackhat Badger in Ashina Castle, below the Old Grave Idol, to discover his fate. You will get a Mibu Pilgrimage Balloon if you do this. Driven by memories of his son, Blackhat Badger had no choice but to intervene when he witnessed three Shinobi attacking a child. While he was able to kill all three Shinobi, he was gravely wounded himself. After he dies, you will be able to get the Mibu Pilgrimage Ballon by holding the loot button.

One of the most important items you can buy from Blackhat Badger is the Anti-Air Deathblow Text! If you did not purchase this from him before, it can be found in the Offering Box at the Dilapidated Temple after his quest has been completed.