Sekiro: Best Tips to Fighting Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

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Advancing to the Ashina castle was never an easy task. However, Sekiro, the main character of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, must save the young Lord Kuro and whisk him away from those who wish to use his blood to abuse the Dragon Heritage. Guarding the gate to the Ashina palace is Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, who stands tall on top of a mighty horse and swings a deadly blade. Getting past him is no easy task, but there are some great tricks to destroying this legendary warrior.

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

Gyoubu makes a grand entrance at the beginning of the fight by riding through some wooden barricades leading to the castle’s front gates. Because he makes this grand entrance, Sekiro cannot perform a stealth kill on him, meaning to take him down a player must fight him straight on.


The best way to topple Gyoubu’s stead advantage is to use the firecracker prosthetic tool. If you haven’t gotten that, because it’s easy to miss, we created a guide for you to obtain this useful tool. Once you have the device, it’s a matter of ensuring you have enough spirit emblems to use the firecracker several times, which costs two.

The best time to use the firecrackers is when you’re close to Gyoubu’s stead. He’ll either be charging up for an attack or reeling from having charged you. Unleash the firecrackers, and you’ll prevent his spear from hitting the ground and damaging you. Another great time to use it shortly before he hits you with his charge. While you might be focused on his large form headed straight for you, be mindful of the spear, as it’s slightly ahead of him.

Grappling Hook

Gyoubu is one of the few bosses you can use Sekiro’s grappling hook against. You can use it when he’s a distance away, and he’s facing sideways. You have a small window to making it land. You’ll notice the grappling hook reticle above his head, a low, grey silhouette. Make sure you’re a medium distance away, and you should be able to pull him off his balance.

Getting the distance wrong for his attack is an honest mistake. You could be too far off, or too close to throw out Sekiro’s grapple. It’s better to remain at a medium distance and only engage Gyoubu right when he’s charging in. The more times you attempt to meet him, the more robust the fight is going to be because his spear can deal a significant amount of damage.

To perform this attack, though, you need to have unlocked the Grappling Hook Attack from the Prosthetic Arts skill tree. This should be the first skill in the bottom list, which costs a single skill point.

Deflecting His Spear

If you run out of firecrackers to use after having dealt the first fatal blow, you’re not in trouble. Instead, you need to start focusing on landing deflections against Gyoubu’s spear. The more accurately your deflect his attacks, the more posture he’ll lose as you fight. You don’t want to engage him too much, in case you miss the opportunity to hit him with a grappling hook strike. Still, you don’t want him too far away from you.G

Following these three tips should ensure your victory over the mighty horseman.