Should you get A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Jumpluff joins the Community Day roster.

Image via Niantic

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Hoppip will be appearing as the February Community Day event in Pokémon Go starting on February 12 from 11 AM to 5 PM in your local time zone. You’ll have six hours to capture this Pokémon worldwide, giving you additional encounters to find the best one with the highest IVs. There’s also a chance to chance to catch a shiny version. During the event, you can purchase a Special Research ticket if you want. Should you get an A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Similar to the previous Special Research tickets featured in Community Day events, the A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away Special Research gives you increased opportunities to encounter Hoppip, along with a handful of smaller rewards. In addition, it features a handful of tasks that you can complete during the event that focuses on catching Hoppip in the wild, and you’ll want to make sure to wrap it up before the end of the event at 5 PM.

While Hoppip’s evolved form, Jumpluff, is not amazing, the move acrobatics is a solid attack that you can expect to see in future Pokémon. It’s not the most powerful option for this Pokémon, but if you’re only looking to experiment with the move, grabbing this Special Research ticket is likely not worth your time. Unfortunately, having acrobatics in Jumpluff’s move6set also doesn’t uplift it to a highly desirable position in the Pokémon Go roster, either.

Overall, we don’t believe we can recommend grabbing A Hop, Skip, and Jump Away Research Ticket, given Jumpluff’s viability. Better Community Day events will likely happen in 2022, with more desirable choices waiting for you in the future.