Whats In The Box, Back To School | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

After saving Standish in the previous mission, Spider-Man gets a call from a mysterious man who said he has planted bomb around the city. You have to disable them which will unlock the Recon Point Challenge mode where you will earn Challenge Tokens. Next, you will play Back To School where you will have to locate a doctor for a Halloween party.

Whats In The Box, Back To School Walkthrough

What’s In The box

In this short mission, you have to locate a box and disable three bombs. This will unlock a new challenge for you.

Investigate the strange box:

At the marked location, you will get a recon point,. This will also unlock the Recon Points Challenge. You will earn Challenge Tokens playing them.

Disable Bombs:

You will have to stop three bombs in a time limit to complete the bomb challenge. You will earn for disabling the bomb, webbing bonus, time bonus along with challenge tokens. After disabling all the three bombs the mission is over. You can revisit the recon boxes to disable more bombs in the city.

Back To School

After getting lead on Dr.Delany you will be heading to the University to locate him and investigate on Devils Breath project.

Find Delaney at ESU

Follow the marker and you will reach Halloween party. Here you will have to find Delaney here. Go inside and take the stairs on left, on your right look for green Mysterios poster. Interact with the person standing in front of the entrance, follow inside. Next exit the place and you will find Dr.Delaney. To reach on top, from the exit walk right and you will find a platform you can climb up towards the doctor. Press R2 for parkour to reach him. The guy will point you towards the exact location of Dr.Delaney. Resist the guy who is dressed in a Rhino costume and chase the Daemon who took Dr.Delaney.

Search for Dr.Delany

Save the guy from Daemon, this will trigger a fight. Watch-out for the Daemon with a whip, after defeating them search for the doctor. Look on the right top of the door for a vent, disable the junction box and then go down. Defeat them all and exit through the window. Crawl through the wall to locate the doctor, keep following and enter through the vent. There will be a cutscene, where you will see Martin Li. Fight the Daemons after the cutscene is over.

Subdue Corrupted Partygoers

Li will corrupt a few partygoers in your path, you will have to pacify them. Just attack once and web them. Next will be the main back in Rhino costume. He will be annoying but not tough to stop. Once you are done clearing up the party, the mission is over. You will get 3000XP, Level up, +10 Health and a skill point.

The mission is over, Spider-Man gets a lead to locate another doctor. To continue with the game guides you can read our walkthrough on the next mission Spider-Hack. For more similar guides and tips, you can also check our Marvel’s Spider-Man Wiki guide.